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Mr. James, thank you for giving your e mail ID. I’ve already given it to my brother and if necessary he will be in touch with you.

He’s (me too as I don’t wanna leave him alone) planning to go to her city and mount further social pressure on them. We’ve our community meeting coming up there in next few days. I’ve suggested him to get AB which he is working on.

What precautions we should take while we visit her city. Kindly suggest.

We really appreciate your guidance, help and support.

P.S. While browsing, I came across a forum blog under caption “UNPAID LOAN BY EX-DAUGHTER INLAW”. I was appalled to read one of the responses by Mr.Atit where he has mentioned the scenario of Indian Marriages. In one of his replies he has mentioned that ………….”Even judges are not spared here…. they says in open court room “do as your wife says, else you will be in troubled” .

I remember few months back in TOI newspaper a new was reported on a divorce case where one husband was told by the judges (bench) that “Look Mister, if you’ve waited for 17 years for divorce, you can wait for few more days or month”. How irresponsible statement by the judges, And that too from the High Court Judges. What do they think of themselves? These judges have taken no time to give homosexuality a legal recognition but show their inability to save the institution of family and sanctity of marriage. Let me clear myself that I’ve got nothing against the homosexuals. To each his own.

I don’t think the problem is with the law; the problem lies with the law enforcers. Don’t tell me the judges don’t know the matters. So what stops them to deliver unbiased judgements. Why they show themselves so helpless? If the law maker and enforcers are so helpless why are they needed at all? What left for them now is to say in open court that guys please don’t marry at all, so you won’t be troubled at all……get a surrogate mother pay her something and get your own kid rather than spending lakhs on alimony and maintenance on your wife and kid/s. HOPELESS!

When even the Constitution speaks of equality, why women get favoured, why they want reservation? Why they expect chivalry as very important quality in men when all they are interested in is equality or may be more. I’M UPSET.