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Hi Sanjay,

Are you divorced? if yes, you might have the custody agreements. if there is a custody agreement, there would have been a point not to move the kid out of the county or state.

If there is such an order, go a head and file a kidnap case on your wife at your nearest family court. Make sure a non-bailable warrant is issued. If she comes to USA, there is a high probability of getting her arrested at the port of entry. If she is arrested, you can get the custody of the daughter. When you establish a pattern that you are deprived of access to your daughter, then the judge will not give the custody back to your wife.

If you are not divorced or don’t have the custody agreement, then you have to apply it. But, do not visit India with kid. That can prove fatal. I believe you will be much happy dealing with law in USA than in India. Good luck