urgent help needed in annulllling my marriage

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      I and My wife were loving since 2006 and married on 04/03/2011 under special marriage act before a registrar.We were true to each other.We had faced lot of problems while loving.Her parents were really torturing her and her father was not behaving as a father.So My wife was always trying to come out from there. I urged her to wait until 18 so when we married she was 18 and four moths and I was 22.She was studying so we were waiting for that to complete.But once when her father tried to beat her she said about the marriage and our relation but did not say about consummation and our secret things.She has said only the things what a girl can say to her family.Their parents forced her to suit the petition to declare null and void.There they have mentioned that I was forcing and fraud and not consummated.We had consummated till September in my room and at her home when ever there were nobody at her home.I understand one thing that the petition was written by her parents and suited .The main thing is since October we could not meet or talk because her parents do not allow for that and always following her and disconnected the phone also.The main thing to object is I am from tamil family and christian but my wife is from kerala and hindu.

      I have decided to go by person to the court because I also don’t like to say and show our secret things to the advocates .Can I say these to the court before questioning me on the first day.Will I get a chance to talk with my wife.pls give me some ideas to get my wife back.The hearing is next week.I thing it will be better to contest and prove after talking to my wife.

      My Evidences are Love letters,Photos taken in my room,Some Sms,Her two dresses(Secret).

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      its already answered here

      i think you are not satisfied with the answer.

      you can make a petition to judge stating your facts and evidence and ask, allow you to meet your wife. there is nothing to hide from lawyer or court, disclose it before all brokedown.

      if she tell in court what she was forced by her parents, then she dont deserv you, nor your will be happy with her in future, let her overcome this problem and show all she loves you.

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