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Daal Daliya Idlis


Daliya -broken wheat (ground into paste)   3.5 Tbsp
Channa Daal   2 tsp
Sour curd   100 gms
Coriander leaves   1 handfull
Sweet corn   2 tsp
green Peas   2 Tsp
Pepper   to taste
Cumin   to taste
Oil   3 tsp
Salt   To taste


Soak Daliya and chana dal for 2 hrs.
Fry Daliya and chana dal in half the oil. Add pepper and salt to it.
Take off daliya and chana dal from the fire. Grind it in a mixer .
Chop green chilies, Sweet corn, green peas and coriander and add to the daliya and chana dal paste.
Add cumin and remaining oil.
Make the mixture into a paste with curd
Bring to idli batter consistency. Add water if necessary
Steam and remove when set.
Serve hot with sambhar and green chutney.

Energy 305 (kcal)
Carbohydrate 29.8(g)
Protein 7.8 (g)
Fat 15.8 (g)
Vitamin B2 0.14 (mg)
Vitamin B3 2.73 (mg)

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