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Tomato Bread

Ingredients :

1 medium potato
1 large tomato, pureed
A few curry leaves
4 green chilies
1 cup water
5-6 bread slices
1½ tsp oil.
Salt to taste
A pinch of turmeric
Few coriander leaves for garnish

Method :

Take a skillet and heat the oil, then add the cut potato, cut green chilies and the curry leaves.
Lower the gas and cover the skillet for a couple of minutes to let the potatoes cook.
After the potato is cooked add the pureed tomatoes and fry it for 5 min.
Then add the water, salt and turmeric and let it boil.
When it starts boiling add the whole slices one by one, pushing it on side so as all slices get soaked nicely.
Now simmer for 5-7 min and when ready serve with chopped corridor on top.

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