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Dudhi Halwa


Dudhi – 1 kg
Low fat milk – 1/2 lt
Powdered sugar – about 8 – 10 tablespoons
Unsalted roasted kaju / Badam cut into small pieces (10 – 12)
Kishmish – 20 – 25
Kava – 100g
Unsalted roasted pista cut into small pieces (10 – 12)
Kesar – a few strands


Deskin the dudhi and grate it. Do not keep it in water – as it will lose its nutrient value. prepare the halwa as soon as you grate the dudhi. Grated dudhi turns black if kept for long
Heat a kadhai and add the roasted kaju pieces, kishmish and pista pieces and stir for a two minutes.
Add the grated Lauki and stir.
Add the low fat milk and stir.
Cook for about five minutes.
Add powdered sugar and stir.
Add kava
Cook till dry. Stirr every two – three minutes to avoid burning.
Add the kesar.
Keep the halwa in a serving bowl.
Refridgerate if you like it cold or heat it for a minute before serving if you like it hot.

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