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Pork Pickle

1.5 Kilogram Pork for slicing, and frying
10 Nos Chillies, Red Dry dry and long and short for masala
2 Tablespoon Sugar for adding
1 Teacup Sweet Oil for frying pork pieces
1 Teacup Vinegar for grinding masala
6 Flakes Garlic for masala
1 Bits Ginger for masala
1 Bits Turmeric/Haldi for masala
3 Teaspoon Mustard Seed for masala
2 Tablespoon Jeera/Cumin Seeds for masala
Salt for powdering and salting

Prepare the pork, by washing the meat, and cutting it in sliced for pickling the meat. Place a layer of meat pieces in a vessel, and then sprinkle powered salt over it, then place the next layer, and so on. Finally, place a loose lid over the meat, and inside the vessel, and place a weight over it. Leave it for 24 hours. The following day, remove the meat from the vessel, squeeze out the water, and put it for drying in the sun. When the meat is sufficiently dry, and the moisture is gone, it is ready for frying.

Place a flat frying pan, on the store, and put enough sweet oil, to fry the pieces of meat. Light the fire, and heat the oil. When all the meat pieces are fried, place them on a wide pan, with a kitchen towel paper lining, for the oil to be absorbed, and cool the meat. In the meantime, start grinding the masala.

Ingredients marked for masala, above, should be ground in a mixer, with vinegar. Mustard seeds should be added last, so that they are roughly ground.

1 thought on “Pork Pickle

  1. i tried this recipe but at the end the pork pickle turned out to be very salty.
    recipe not specific in procedure.

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