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Spicy Pork dry

½ kg pork,
1 ½ tsp pepper,
10-15 green chilies,
2 pods of garlic,
1 large piece ginger,
½ tsp turmeric powder,
½ kg onions,
8 cloves,
1 cardamom,
2 pieces cinnamon bark,
¾ cup vinegar,
1 tsp coconut oil and salt to taste.

For grinding:(Grind with vinegar separately)
½ kg onions, ginger & garlic, pepper, green chilies and turmeric powder; cloves; cardamom and cinnamon bark.

Wash and cut the pork into desirable pieces.
In a deep earthern Pot, add ground masala and coconut oil. Mix well and fry, Put Pork chops, cover with a tight fitting lid and allow cooking till tender on a low flame.

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