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Pork Bafat


Pork Meat – 1 Kg
Cardomom – 2
Onions – 6 (medium size)
Bay leaves – 5
Garlic – 20 corns (big)
Bafat powder – 2 table spoon
Ginger – 2 inch
Vinegar – 3 table spoon
Green chillies – 4
Salt to taste
Cinnamon – 4 pcs
Cloves – 6
Black pepper – 5


Cut pork into small pieces.
Chop onions like cubes, cut green chillies straight, ginger and garlic into small pieces.
Prepare the powder by grinding dry cinnamon, cloves, cardomom seeds and black pepper.
Except this powder mix all ingredients with the meat and keep for half an hour.
Then keep it on range to boil. Don’t add water.
When the meat is almost cooked, add the prepared powder and mix well.
Leave it for 5 minutes to boil. Then remove from the range.
Serve hot with idlis or panpole.
Note: You can also add salt, vinegar, bafat powder when the meat is half cooked, it depends on your taste.

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