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Constitution of India
The Cable television Networks (Regulations) Ordinance, 1995
The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
The Societies Registration Act, 1860
University of Allahabad Act, 2005
The University of Hyderabad Act, 1974
All-India Council For Technical Education Act, 1987
All-India Service Regulations (Indemnity) Act, 1975
The All-India Institute of Medical Science Act, 1956

Admiralty Jurisdiction India Act 1860

Admiralty Offences Colonial Act 1849

Agricultural And Processed Food Products Export Cess Act 1986

Arbitration International Investment Disputes Act 1966

Arbitration Protocol And Convention Act 1937

Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958

Arya Marriage Validation Act 1937

Assam Alienation Of Land Regulation Act 1980

Assam Alteration Of Boundaries Act 1951

Assam State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1980

Assam State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1981

Authoritative Texts Central Laws Act 1973

Bengal Bihar And Orissa And Assam Laws Act 1912

Bengal Bonded Warehouse Association Act 1854

British Law Ascertainment Act 1859

British Nationality Act 1965

British Nationality No 2 Act 1964

Bronze Coin Legal Tender Act 1918

Calcutta Port Pilotage Act 1941

Cancellation Of General Elections In Punjab Act 1991

Carriage By Air Act 1972

Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act 1925

Central Excise Laws Amendment & Validation Act 1982

Cheques Act 1957

Colonial Probates Act 1892

Companies Foreign Interests Act 1918

Control Of Shipping Continuance Act 1958

Cooch Behar Assimilation Of Laws Act 1950

Council Of India Act 1907

Councils Act 1892

Councils Act 1904

Dehra Dun Act 1871

Dekkhan Agriculturists Relief Act 1879

Divorce Act 1945

Ear Drums And Ear Bones Authority For Use For Therapeutic Purposes Act 1982

Election Commission Condition Of Service Of Election Commissions And Transaction Of Business Act 1991

Federal Court Enlargement Of Jurisdiction Act 1947

Finance Act 1953 rate

Finance Act 1952

Finance Act 1953

Finance Amendment Act 1975

Finance Amendment Act 1987

Foreign Awards Recognition And Enforcement Act 1961


Goa Daman And Diu Suits Valuation Act 1965

High Court Seals Act 1950

High Courts Act 1865

High Courts Act 1911

India Consequential Provision Act 1949

Indian and Colonial Divorce Jurisdiction Act 1940

Indian Councils Act 1909

Indian Independence Pakistan Courts Pending Proceedings Act 1952

International Monetary Fund And Bank Act 1945

Jammu And Kashmir Disturbed Areas Act 1992

Jammu And Kashmir Suits Valuation Act 1977

Judicial Officers Protection Act 1850

Kerala High Court Act 1958

Khaddar Protection Of Name Act 1950

Leaders And Chief Whips Of Recognised Parties And Groups In Parliament Facilities Act 1998

Legal Practitioners Act 1879

Live Stock Products Importation Act 1898

Matrimonial Causes War Marriages Act 1948

Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2000

Power Alcohol Act 1948

Seaward Artillery Practice Act 1949

The Foreign Recruiting Act 1874

The Sugar Cess Act 1982

The Absorbed Areas Laws Act 1954

The Acting Judges Act 1867

The Additional Duties Of Excise Textiles And Textile Articles Act 1978

The Agricultural Produce Cess Act 1940

The Agriculturists Loans Act 1884

The Aircraft Amendment Act 2000

The Anand Marriage Act 1909

The Bankers Book Evidence Act 1891

The Banking Companies Legal Practitioners Clients Accounts Act 1949

The Bar Councils Validation Of State Laws Act 1956

The Bengal Suppression Of Terrorist Outrages Supplementary Act 1932

The Berar Laws Act 1941

The Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Processing Of Claims Act 1985

The British Statutes Application To India Repeal Act 1960

The Calcutta High Court Extension Of Jurisdiction Act 1953

The Calcutta High Court Jurisdictional Limits Act 1919

The Calcutta-Port Pilotage Act 1948

The Cantonments Extension Of Rent Control Laws Act 1957

The Carriers Act 1865

The Caste Disabilities Removal Act 1850

The Central Board Of Direct Taxes Validation Of Proceedings Act 1971

The Central Boards Of Revenue Act 1963

The Central Duties Of Exercise Retrospective Exemption Act 1986

The Central Laws Extension To Arunachal Pradesh Act 1993

The Central Laws Extension To Jammu And Kashmir Act 1968

The Cess And Other Taxes On Minerals Validation Act 1992

The Chandigarh Delegation Of Powers Act 1987

The Chandigarh Disturbed Areas Act 1983

The Charitable And Religious Trusts Act 1920

The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929

The Chit Funds Amendment Act 2001

The Cinematograph Act 1918

The Civil Courts Amins Act 1856

The Colonial Courts Of Admiralty India Act 1891

The Commercial Documents Evidence Act 1939

The Companies Donations To National Funds Act 1951

The Companies Surcharge On Income Tax Act 1971

The Contingency Fund Of India Act 1950

The Continuance Of Legal Proceedings Act 1948

The Cotton Copra And Vegetable Oils Cess Abolition Act 1987

The Countess Of Dufferins Fund Act 1957

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1938

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1961

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1990

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1993

The Cutchi Memons Act 1938

The Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Act 1964

The Decrees And Orders Validating Act 1936

The Delhi Delegation Of Powers Act 1964

The Delhi Development Authority Validation Of Disciplinary Powers Act 1998

The Delhi Lands Restrictions On Transfer Act 1972

The Delhi Laws Act 1912

The Delhi Laws Act 1915

The Delhi Municipal Corporation Validation Of Electricity Tax Act 1966

The Delimitation Act 1972

The Delimitation Act 2002

The Delivery Of Books Public Libraries Act 1954

The Departmentalisation Of Union Accounts Transfer Of Personnel Act 1976

The Destruction Of Records Act 1917

The Destructive Insects And Pests Act 1914

The Diplomatic And Consular Officers Oaths And Fees Act 1948

The Disturbed Areas Special Courts Act 1976

The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961

The East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act Extension To Chandigarh Act 1974

The Economic Offences Inapplicability Of Limitation Act 1974

The Election Laws Extension To Sikkim Act 1976

The Elepahnts Preservation Act 1879

The Emblems And Names Prevention Of Improper Use Act 1950

The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897

The Essential Services Maintenance Assam Act 1980

The Essential Services Maintenance Ordinance Repeal Act 2001

The Estate Duty Distribution Act 1962

The Excise Malt Liquors Act 1890

The Excise Spirits Act 1863

The Explosive Substances Act 1908

The Fatal Accidents Act 1855

The Federal Court Act 1937

The Foreign Aircraft Exemption From Taxes And Duties On Fuel And Lubricants Act 2002

The Foreign Exchange Conservation Travel Tax Abolition Act 1992

The Foreign Jurisdiction Act 1947

The Foreign Law Ascertainment Act 1861

The Forest Conservation Act 1980

The Forfeited Deposits Act 1850

The Forfeiture Act 1859

The Fort William Act 1881

The Goa Daman And Diu Extension Of The Code Of Civil Procedure And The Arbitration Act 1965

The Goa Daman And Diu Judicial Commissioners Court Declaration As High Court Act 1964

The Gold Bonds Immunities And Exemptions Act 1993

The Government Buildings Act 1899

The Government Grants Act 1895

The Government Management Of Private Estates Act 1892

The Government Seal Act 1862

The Government Trading Taxation Act 1926

The Hackney Carriage Act 1879


The Hindu Marriages

The Hyderabad Export Duties Validation Act 1955

The Identification Of Prisoners Acts 1920

The Immigrants Expulsion From Assam Act 1950

The Imperial Library Change Of Name Act 1948

The Imperial Library Indentures Validation Act 1902

The Indecent Representation Of Women Prohibition Act 1986

The Indian Bills Of Lading Act 1856

The Indian Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act 1925

The Indian Fatal Accidents Act 1855

The Indian Fisheries Act 1897

The Indian Law Reports Act 1875

The Indian Majority Act 1875

The Indian Medical Degrees Act 1916

The Indian Railway Board Act 1905

The Indian Railway Companies Act 1895

The Indian Short Titles Act 1897

The Indian Statistical Institute Act 1959

The Indian Tolls Act 1851

The Indian Tolls Act 1888

The Indian Tramways Act 1902

The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933

The Inflammable Substances Act 1952

The Influx From Pakistan Control Repealing Act 1952

The Intelligence Organisations Restriction Of Rights Act 1985

The Inter State Corporations Act 1957

The Interest Act 1978

The International Development Association Status Immunities And Privileges Act 1960

The International Finance Corporation Status Immunities And Privileges Act 1958

The Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Act 1951

The Jammu And Kashmir Extension Of Laws Act 1956

The Jammu And Kashmir Representation Of The People Supplementary Act 1968

The Jammu And Kashmir State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1992

The Judges Inquiry Act 1968

The Judges Protection Act 1985

The Kazis Act 1880

The Legal Representatives Suits Act 1855

The Legislative Assembly Of Nagaland Change In Representation Act 1968

The Life Insurance Corporation Modification Of Settlements Act 1976

The Local Authorities Loans Act 1914

The Local Authorities Pensions And Gratuities Act 1919

The Lok Sahayak Sena Act 1956

The Lotteries Regulation Act 1998

The Madhya Pradesh State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1993

The Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act 1921

The Manoeuvres Field Firing And Artillery Practice Act 1938

The Marking Of Heavy Packages Act 1951

The Married Womens Property Act 1874

The Married Womens Property Extension Act 1959

The Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Act 1971

The Merged States Laws Act 1949

The Metal Tokens Act 1889

The Mineral Oils Additional Duties Of Excise And Customs Act 1958

The Miscellaneous Personal Laws Extension Act 1959

The Multimodal Transportation Of Goods Amendment Act 2000

The Municipal Taxation Act 1881

The Mussalman Wakf Act 1923

The Mussalman Wakf Validating Act 1913

The Mussalman Wakf Validating Act 1930

The Mysore State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1971

The National Cadet Corps Act 1948

The National Highways Act 1956

The National Waterway Kollam Kottapuram Stretch Of West Coast Canal And Champakara And Udyogandal Canals Act 1992

The National Waterway Sadiya Dhubri Stretch Of The Brahmaputra River Act 1988

The Newspaper Price And Page Act 1956

The Newspaper Price And Page Continuance Act 1961

The Oaths Act 1969

The Obstructions In Fairways Act 1881

The Official Languages Act 1963

The Opium And Revenue Laws Extension Of Application Act 1950

The Parliament Prevention Of Disqualification Act 1959

The Parliamentary Proceedings Protection Of Publication Act 1977

The Part B States Laws Act 1951

The Part C States Miscelaneous Laws Repealing Act 1951

The Partition Act 1893

The Passport Entry Into India Act 1920

The Passport Entry Into India Amendment Act 2000

The Personal Injuries Emergency Provisions Act 1962

The Places Of Worship Special Provisions Act 1991

The Poisons Act 1919

The Post Office Cash Certificates Act 1917

The Powers Of Attorney Act 1882

The Preference Shares Regulation Of Dividends Act 1960

The Presidency Magistrates Court Fees Act 1877

The President Discharge Of Functions Act 1969

The Prevention Of Damage To Public Property Act 1984

The Prevention Of Food Adulteration Extension To Kohima And Mokokchung Districts Act 1972

The Prevention Of Insults To National Honour Act 1971

The Prevention Of Seditious Meetings Act 1911

The Prisoners Attendance In Courts Act 1955

The Promissory Notes Stamp Act 1926

The Protection Of Human Rights Amendment Act 2000

The Provisional Collection Taxes Act 1931

The Provisions Of The Panchayats Extention To The Scheduled Areas Act 1996

The Public Accountants Default Act 1850

The Public Employment Requirement As To Residence Act 1957

The Public Financial Institutions Obligation As To Fidelity And Secrecy Act 1983

The Public Suits Validation Act 1932

The Public Wakfs Extension Of Limitation Act 1959

The Punjab Disturbed Areas Act 1983

The Punjab State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1987

The Railway Companies Substitution Of Parties In Civil Proceedings Act 1946

The Railways Employment Of Members Of The Armed Forces Act 1965

The Railways Local Authorities Taxation Act 1941

The Raipur And Khattra Laws Act 1879

The Rajasthan State Legislature Delegation Of Power Act 1993

The Rajghat Samadhi Act 1951

The Reciprocity Act 1943

The Red Cross Society Allocation Of Property Act 1936

The Refuge Relief Taxes Abolition Act 1973

The Registration Of Foreigners Act 1939

The Religious Institutions Prevention Of Misuse Act 1988

The Religious Societies Act 1880

The Remittances Of Foreign Exchange And Investment In Foreign Exchange Bonds Immunities And Exemptions Act 1991

The Representation Of The People Amendment Act 1989

The Representation Of The People Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1956

The Research And Development Cess Act 1986

The Reserve Bank Transfer To Public Ownership Act 1948

The Revenue Recovery Act 1890

The Saarc Convention Suppression Of Terrorism Act 1993

The Salaries And Allowances Of Member Of Parliament Act 1954

The Salaries And Allowances Of Ministers Act 1952

The Salaries And Allowances Of Officers Of Parliament Act 1953

The Salary And Allowances Of Leaders Of Opposition In Parliament Act 1977

The Salt Cess Act 1953

The Scheduled Areas Assimilation Of Laws Act 1951

The Scheduled Areas Assimilation Of Laws Act 1953

The Sheriffs Fees Act 1852

The Shore Nuisances Bombay And Kolaba Act 1853

The Sikh Gurdwaras Supplementary Act 1925

The Small Coins Offences Act 1971

The Sonthal Parganas Act 1857

The Special Bearer Bonds Immunities And Exemptions Act 1981

The Special Criminal Courts Jurisdiction Act 1950

The Special Tribunals Supplementary Provisions Act 1946

The Spices Cess Act 1986

The Standards Of Weights And Measures Extension To Kohima And Mokokchung Districts Act 1967

The State Acquisition Of Lands For Union Purposes Validation Act 1954

The State Armed Police Forces Extension Of Laws Act 1952

The Sugar Special Excise Duty Act 1959

The Suits Valuation Act 1887

The Suppression Of Unlawful Acts Against Safety Of Civilaviation Act 1982

The Supreme Court Enlargement Of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1970

The Supreme Court Number Of Judges Act 1956

The Tamil Nadu State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1988

The Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2000

The Taxation Laws Continuation And Validation Of Recovery Proceedings Act 1964

The Taxation Laws Extension To Jammu And Kashmir Act 1972

The Telegraph Wires Unlawful Possession Act 1950

The Terminal Tax On Railway Passengers Act 1956

The Tobacco Cess Act 1975

The Tokyo Convention Act 1975

The Trading With The Enemy Continuance Of Emergency Provisions Act 1947

The Transfer Of Prisoners Act 1950

The Two Member Constituencies Abolition Act 1961

The U P Sugarcane Cess Validation Act 1961

The Unclaimed Deposits Act 1866

The Unclaimed Deposits Act 1870

The Union Duties Of Excise Distribution Act 1979

The Union Duties Of Excise Electricity Distribution Act 1980

The Union Territories (Separation Of Judicial And Executive Functions Act 1969

The Union Territories Direct Election To The House Of The People Act 1965

The Union Territories Stamp And Court Fees Laws Act 1961

The United Nations Privileges And Immunities Act 1947

The United Nations Security Council Act 1947

The Urban Land CR Repeal Act 1999

The Usury Laws Repeal Act 1855

The Uttar Pradesh State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1993

The Uttar Pradesh State Legislature Delegation Of Powers Act 1995

The Vice Presidents Pension Act 1997

The Victoria Memorial Act 1903

The Voluntary Deposits Immunities And Exemptions Act 1991

The Voluntary Surrender Of Salaries Exemption From Taxation Act 1961

The Warehousing Corporations Supplementary Act 1965

The West Godavari District Assimilation Of Laws On Federal Subjects Act 1949

The White Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Act 1913

The Wild Birds And Animals Protection Act 1912

The Womens And Childrens Institutions Licensing Act 1956

The Young Persons Harmful Publications Act 1956

Tolls Act 1864

Usurious Loans Act 1918

Vaccination (Repeal) Act 2001

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