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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Delhi Rape – Another Feminists Plot.

Crime happens everywhere, criminals are there everywhere, in Rape, India stands 40th place or so, there are other countries, where women are raped more frequently than India. but no one is making huge noise like India. because Feminists are planning to destabilize entire country with one incident.

If Crime happens anywhere then its failure of Legal system, and incapable government. Criminals should be punished so they will not committed crime again, and Rapists should be Hanged to death. but as per protests and agitations, Feminists trying to prove All men are Rapists.

In most of Rape cases, after investigation Police found that, complaints are False or statements are Changed time to Time as per situation. Latest one is here [ Ref : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Cops-in-a-fix-as-gangrape-victim-changes-version/articleshow/17947679.cms ]

There should be Proper investigation and Technic to determine the Rape case, not to take complaint blindly on Women Statement(s) as Feminists already successfully executed many such Gender biased laws like Dowry Law (IPC 498A) Domestic Violence, where Men has no chance to defend against False cases, only after decades of Legal Fight, they are cleared of of False allegations, by these laws Feminists succeed to control and dominate men which not only resulted in breakdown in marriage system but whole Family system of India.

These Feminists trying to prove All men are Villains and Rapists, but as per Indian Culture, Indian Women should not cross her limits, when she knows there is danger to her honor and Life, she should not venture out at midnight and that also with Friend, as in Delhi Rape case she went out her Friend at midnight. but now Feminists blaming only men for committing crime ignoring facts.

Whatever may be the reasons, Government should make strict laws to punish Rapists or any criminals, Laws should be Gender neutral, and there should not be any chance of misuse, if misused, she/he should be punished with double punishment than crime committed; and Government should understand Delhi Rape issue is another Feminists agenda to destabilize Indian Culture, Family and ultimately Government.

PLOT = A secret plan to accomplish a hostile or illegal purpose; a scheme.

1 thought on “Delhi Rape – Another Feminists Plot.

  1. Is their a drug whereby a man cannot have erection? If so then please tell the public so that they can have it to prove that they could not fuck let aside commit rape.

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