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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Infidelity in Women is praised

“My husband has gone out of town for office work for two days. Meet me at the supermarket entrance” said Geeta. Jay replied, “Okay, I will wait for you there.”

Neetu said, “Tomorrow my kids are going for a school picnic. There will be nobody in my house the whole day. Come home at 10 o’clock in the morning after my husband leaves to office.” Feroz replied, “Okay, I will be there.”

Reshma said, “I have told my husband that I have to work overtime at office. You book a room in a hotel for the evening.” Ajay replied, “Okay, I will also bring protection.”

What is common in the above conversations?
Women are fixing up a date with their boyfriend hiding from their husband and family.

One out of four women is unfaithful to their husband. Unfaithful meaning the husband does not know that their wife is sleeping around with other men. That means, one of our hour husbands does not know that their wife is sleeping around with other men.

Magazines are filled with such articles on extramarital affairs of women and they pompously praise the ways of the modern women to satisfy their sexual desires and also not let the marriage break apart. This is the new age modern women. They are in the marriage but they will not hesitate to experiment sexual indulgence with outsiders. They can behave lovey-dovey with their husband but still sleep around with other men.

If a man seeks out sexual partner outside marriage, he can be legally punished for adultery. He can’t even go to some prostitute. Women groups have done everything to torture men by proposing a protective law for prostitutes wherein the man visiting the prostitute shall be punished legally with 3 years imprisonment.

What will a man do then? He can’t satisfy his sexual desires.

If he tries to satisfy himself with his wife, his wife will accuse him of marital rape. Marital rape!!! Is husband loving her wife called marital rape???

If he doesn’t satisfy, he can still be accused of cruelty on his wife for not satisfying her sexual needs. A man is not always in a mood especially during stressful day at work. But, the wife will treat this as cruelty on her and can even legally accuse him and get him arrested.

If he goes outside to a prostitute, he will still be legally prosecuted for cruelty on a woman. What are prostitutes for then???

In every possible ways, men are punished.

Women want sex whenever they want it, how they want it and the way they want it. And women groups have taken care of their sexual needs by enacting laws.

Laws to allow women to have sex freely!!!!!

Is this gender equality???

This is women empowerment. Empowering women to such an extent that women can legally punish any man for not fulfilling her wishes, and the wishes could be anything.

Isn’t this a gross violation of human rights of men???

Magazines and women groups are continuing to praise the ways of the modern women and criminalizing male-gender.

Even if you know that your wife is having a sexual affair with somebody, the adultery law has been so composed that you will be arrested for abetting your wife to commit adultery.

In every imaginable ways, men are legally punishable and women have been given all the laws to accuse any man with anything. Is this gender equality????
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