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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

FeminISM and eQuality

Feminism is nothing to do with Equality; It’s not about empower women They have ONE GOAL: To dominate, control and destroy a man`s finance, mental health, self esteem and any hope for happiness. It teaches Women, not to Listen to men, even her Own Father…

Inequality in India

In India, for ages Religion diveded society, with caste System, Higher caste and lower caste, Higher caste enjoyed high status just because they born in particular caste/Clan or tribe. Based on caste, in later ages Society controlled by Higher caste created Have and Have nots,…

New Scheme for Indian women to make easy Money

No need to be Virgin(Anyone left..?) No age limit; No need of BIG capital Investment; No need of BA or MBA; No need to start Business or to know about Business; No need of Office; No need to employees, hundreds of Employees; And Its Legal;…

eMpower Women – Fate of Husbands Parents

It is a known Fact that today’s Modern empowered women do not want to bear the responsibility of their old parents, specially their husbands Parents (In-Laws), Unless they are in possession of some property or fortune which will be theirs upon their Death. Decades ago,…

Women’s right to Property – Divide and Ruin

This is a Real Life story happened in this summer. In my neighborhood, since many decades married Daughters and her children used to come to native place during their vacation and were staying in their ancestor home, which is now owned by their youngest Brother….



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