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Wanna Know A Secret ?

The fastest selling ‘book’ in the world is a CD, apparently, $40 million dollars ‘worth’ of this book/CD have been sold in a matter of a few weeks. It is so successful that it is predicted to outsell the whole of history’s sales of the Bible and the full works of Shakespeare combined in the next 6 months.

It won’t even need the massive TV and newspaper promotion to ‘make it so’ although there is plenty of that as back-up.

What is this fabulous book/CD?

“The Secret”

It is about …. The Secret. Well, of course. Obviously I didn’t know what it was before – and you neither – or it wouldn’t have been a secret. But it seems lots of other people did as a CD was made with all sorts of very wealthy (so they all said) people telling the secret. They all knew all about it. Of course. A woman in Australia is howling like a banshee because she didn’t make the CD. But at least she wrote a book. I don’t know what the book was called when she wrote it a few years ago. At least that bit is a secret. From me at least. But another woman, also in Australia, made the CD which said pretty well what was in the book. She and a few mates. And this woman, the first one, is as mad as all hell. The CD woman is making all the money it seems and she, the woman who wrote the book, isn’t. Ain’t life a bitch.

Well, not according to The Secret. You see The Secret is out that to have anything you want, all you have to do is follow three simple rules and everything you want can be yours. World Peace would be an unlikely want for most buyers of the CD; cats and dogs sleeping together (in the Biblical sense) hasn’t been reported on the TV, so I guess that hasn’t been wanted yet; peace, harmony and appreciation of men by women and women by men, which you would think everyone would want, hasn’t exactly broken out like a rash either, so I guess that hasn’t been asked for.

Why not, you might well ask?

I will come to that later. First, let me save you the expense of buying the CD (or the book, even though that has been remaindered at $0.95c). I will divulge the three simple rules.

They are so simple that even a simpleton can manage them.

#1. Think about what you want. Anything at all. Car; house; bucket of french fries. Anything. A fortune. Riches vastly beyond your tiny, limited imagination. (Well, you can’t have those, because you have to imagine them as part of Rule #1). Fit into a size 0 dress. Turn your rivals into frogs. Anything at all.

#2. Visualise the goody in question. I mean, really, REALLY visualise it Hard. As long as you can. See yourself with it, and you owning/having/enjoying/flaunting it. An hour if you can concentrate that long. OK, take a five minute break. Now draw it. Make pretty pictures of it, with you; in your hands. You sitting in it (if it has seats). You wallowing in it. Rolling in it. Keep it up for a day or two. (Take five minute breaks, especially when you are doing all this concentrating and doodling at work). Visualise the Universe smiling on you. Do this at night, in bed; keep the desire going. ‘See’ the Universe giving it to you. ‘See’ the vastness of the Universe reaching down to YOU and giving this whatever to you, personally, lovingly and or generously.

#3. Accept it. Be gracious and thankful. Take it. Its yours. You deserve it.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. This Secret has been hidden since time immemorial, but now YOU know it.

Apparently it works a treat. It worked for the CD woman. She wanted the book- woman’s goodies. She visualised it. She drew it. Golly, she even made a friggin’ CD of it. And look what happened.

She got it!

The Universe ensured lots and lots of people shelled out lots and lots of money to buy the CD which put a huge fortune in her hands. The book-woman’s fortune, but she didn’t visualise as well as the second woman. Or maybe her drawings weren’t as good.

500,000 CDs have been sold in Australia alone. I am not sure of the numbers for the rest of the world. But so far $40 mill line her handbag.

So, with all these CD buyers wanting and visualising and drawing their little hearts out, why, you may remind yourself to ask, about all the peace, harmony and appreciation of men by women and women by men? Where is it. How come no one has asked for it?

This is not a trick question. Its an easy one. Who do you think has bought the CD? Is buying them like hotcakes?

There would not be an adult, normal MAN alive who would shell out on such crap. Only women have bought it. Only WOMEN are so thick, so narcissistic that they think they are ENTITLED to have anything they simply want, without having to do anything but daydream about it. And sure as Hell is an unsafe place for polythene dogs, women haven’t the slightest desire for peace, harmony and appreciation of men – and half a wish won’t work.

Forget world peace as well.

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