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HI MR adv.Ramachandra, thank you for your kind reply, i understand you advice and thought of going a head with mutual compromise, with my husband and his family, i spoke to his parents, they how ever told to stay with them and my husband in their native, their talks made me feel they are worried if i go for a police , apart from that they adviced me good and bad and also i asked sorry for any mistake from my end. sir i still feel they are not trust worthy, in a way my fatherin laws words made me feel that i am allowed to stay with them but some time i feel they want to take out personal gridge before i stay their my family needs to talk to them, i do no what it is all about, let me explain: recently my co sis ter had adviced me to slap my husband back if he is beating me. since she had done the same with her husband. and now he is fearing her. by mistake i spoke the same to my husband when he beat me stating that she told me to slap back. my husband had told the same to my motherin law i believe and in turn she had fought with my co sister for teaching me this. keepin this in mind my co sis had come to my house with my motherinlaw and in turn blamed me that i have ego that i work thats y i fight with my husband and so on.. she called my sis and told that i and my mother fought when she came home in turn she had come to fight and take the gridge upon me. my sis got angry and scolded her and stated that whole family is hope less and make mess always. keep this in mind my co sis has filled what not in to my inlaws head and my husbands head. that all want to have a talk.. sir iam totALLY CONFUSED WHAT TO DO SHALL I TAKE MY PARENTS AND CLEAR THE ISSUE OR JUST GO AND STAY THERE IF I GO ALONE MY HUSBAND MY TORCHER ME FOR THIS MATTER. IAM NOT ABLE TO JUDGE. IF I TAKE MY PARENTS IAM AFRAID THEY MAY MAKE MESS AND WANTELY USE THE SITUATION TO MAKE ME FAR. PL TELL ME??? WHAT IS UR ADVICE.