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HI MR, JAMES THANK U for ur kind reply, let me explain , we loved each other and cared each others got married stayed seperatly, after 2 to 3 months problems started, first of all i blam my self for being possive about my husband sir, he is like my god like a kid i adore him a lot . he is my hapiness my whole life depends on him. iam not like other girls just say marriage kids oldage and death. i believe in true love care. i hope u understand how much important he is to me. after marriage he got a job in pvt co. were i realised that his boss is not proper i the sence, once we went to a trip. his boss called his wife and lied that he is on a meeting abroad.. i dont bother.. sir he speaks this way in front of me and my husband.. madam dont feel bad..iam saying this.. hey sharath see u should not bent to ur wife in life not to his family what they want u get them what else they want see my wife wanted handycam i brought her ect. and said make use of office girls in a nice way u no what iam telling if u have to get ur work done in office. sir all such words really hurted me.. i thought for a wile dont u think these words make an impact on my husband since he is still young. first of all his boss lied to his wife and stated all these to my husband in front of me. u tell me sir being a wife will any one not feel bad..?? and my hubby behaves so close to all girls hit each other and talk he allows them to call him in singular. if i do the same he hates and beats. i ask him when those girls can call u so why not i sir is that i need to see all this and cry in dark or guide my husband make him realise that all this is not good and to be proper. afte some days one of his coluges died in madikeri. my husband is so worried to go with her to that place along with other coluges. i was sick i had throught infection. i told him to get me hot water he is telling me u go take. sir. iam his wife see he is worried to go so far and console her iam nothing for him after marriage sir, if i ask its a fight. then a last due to non avalibiity of vehical he stayed back . casually we were talking he started feeling bad stating that she lost her fater she is a good girl and so on i told ok leave u said she has a oy friend she will marry and be happyy u no what is his responce?? hey she is not such a girl ok. i wondered what happened to him and closed the topic. sir all such things started hurting me personlally. i feared if he will change which he is now, i told him to quit the job sir in a different way is that i did wrong. he was harrsing me in these ways sir.. i am personally hurt. i felt he is having so much of time in office to understand other girls but not his wife, i felt before he would hurt me more let his go to other job sir, if i tell all this i not this law this society will not support me.. these are the tw reasons which gave way to problems.. if i ask also he feels iam fighting he never understands his behavior hurts me he is married its my life with him.. tell me what is my mistake sir. SIR MY BIG MISTAK IS THAT I USED TO MESSAGE HIM IN ANGER BUT MY MESSAGES ARE TOWRDS FOR HIM TO UNDERSTAND AND CORRECT HIM SELF SIR.. KEEPING THAT IN MIND HE IS TELLING ME IAM TORCHERING HIM IAM AFRAID KEEPING MSG HE MAY PROVE TO OTHERS THAT I TORCHERED HIM AND WIN THE CASE IF HE GOES LEAGALLY .. IS THAT POSSIBLE SIR?// IAM TRYING TO MAKE CONVENCE HIM FROM MY END BUT IAM AFRAID TO LOOSE HIM AS I LOVE HIM A LOT I DONT WAN TTO LOOSE HIM.