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Women do not understand till its too late for patchup.

In marriage there should not be ego and never tried to dominate each other.

everything with Mutual respect and Love.

Many time i seen todays women do tit for tat, when man do something, she will do something else to hurt him in revenge. and this will keeps on till it reaches court.

PADMA, if you want to make your marriage work then, do not listen to anyone, decide what you want. If you think he is good for you then ask elders to talk. Forget past whatever mistakes happend between you both. Make him understand as yours is Love Marriage. hope he will understand.

Problems are there in every marriage, and only you both will find solution for that not others, others will give their views.

Make him understand his responsibilities towards you and family.

Love him

think from his shoes

Share your pain and happiness.

and If you cant do this, call any Lawyer he will get you Brand name DIVORCEE.