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Todays world women cannt earn money to live normaly ?

They have all opertunities and government schemes if they wish they can get jobs and earn well. i have sisters and cousins too, they all earn and indepent and even some girls earn more than their brothers. do not tell century old indian stories OK.

so far you have`t seen a man take care of his child, here is one read this

read this “Karan Thapar: If 98 per cent of the cases brought under the dowry laws, as I told you, turn out to be false – according to statistics given by the Centre for Social Justice – if the Supreme Court itself has opined on the subject roughly at the same time last year, I am sure you don’t need to add to the bad laws by creating more. ” [ Ref : ]

if women expect equal house work from husband then she should pay half household bills too, thats EQUALITY as per me.