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Sister Humanbeing

Note a fact that this forum is not anti-woman. But most of us in this forum are those persons who are harassed by their wives with false cases in which they are helping each other. The help is also for the sisters and the mothers of those husbands who are also charged as criminals. As far your case, you have to check whether you have really taken care of your interests when you got married. if really your career were important to you, why did you sacrifice your career to get married? In this world, you can’t expect anybody to provide something for you which you like, when you can provide that for yourself. Just telling repeatedly that you have sacrificed something, does not make you a loving person. The first thing we need to learn is to love ourselves and that is the love we radiate towards others. When you got married, you must have chosen a husband with whom you wouldn’t have to compromise your career. Even now it is not too late for you. Instead of trying to blame your husband or anybody repeatedly why not try to focus on how you can do justice to your capabilities? That way you would be loving to yourself. I learn in a hard way that I only can be with my feelings. Same is the case with you. Arguing is not going to help you as everyone of us have our own problems to solve. Cheers and Good Luck to you,