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Hi Humanbeing,

I am not blaming just wanted to put some topics which u can think if you believe you are right u just go ahead and use law for your favor.

1. have u all ur money with you when u were with your parents? and ur parents were not allowed to use that money for their need without ur permission.

2. Have you really thought my in laws are my real parents and relative from the day one and u did all the things assuming them to urs real one?

3. If ur in laws objects on ur act have u just thought they are elder and i should hear and act according to their demand?

Generally real parents does not object on daughter’s activity because they think that she will go to her home (in law’s house) after marriage so let her enjoy her which causes the problem. Girl starts thinking that i was never objected by my parents so why my in laws are blaming on me. They do not have any right to say anything to me.

Same thing can happen with ur brother as well. because girl is going to a new house which may have different environment and rules for the daughter in law due to only social restrictions which they have seen in whole life so they wants to act their DIL to follow the same.

4. The property which ur in laws are buying in their name will come to u and ur husband (may be divided if there are any brother of ur hubby) after them and i think same would be happen with ur brother as well if he has attachement with his brothers and family. I think it’s fine and a fair cost for a joint family.

5. As u r saying that u were only allowed cloth, food and shelter , does ur hubby was going alone to enjoy the life like parties , outings etc.. and u were not allowed to go with him.

6. Does he still have relation with previous love do not only suspect if u have proof only then believe.

“”Kyunki shaq ka koi ilaaz nahi hai””. my wife always suspect on me even i never had any female friend to spent a normal time for a hour.

7.Just think if this problem came when u visited to ur in laws only and u were not allowed to move freely due to some restriction from in laws? If this is the case it might be some social restriction which ur were not allowed to break.

This u can see as a “gawarpan and pichde log” of ur in laws because they lived in that environment and wants to follow the same from u as well.

At the end i am agree that still this society is a male dominant and girl has to put lots of effort first to win hearts of new home which will not be going in just one day. And a human we always see mistakes not the good work so if u did one mistake u have to start from the scratch.

So just think over these points and if u think u have done all thing without any “instant result” and over the period u did not get u are strong enough to do whatever u want to do.

Please don’t think i am a man so just taking a side of a man just think hundred times and try to find out ur fault so u will definitely find something which can save ur family. May be a sorry word even if u think that there is no mistake from u can make a big difference.

this is our system which we can come out from in just one day. We have to break this slowly. may be u can say that i will not do this with my DIL but if u imagine it would be very difficult to break all the rules in one day. IT will take time….

I will be happy if you take this comment positively and a offense on u.