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Hi smi…..thanks for posting your views….this forum is really biased against women. If a man posts a problem, no questions asked…..but if a woman even says she has been beaten-the men here pounce on her posts and saying inappropriate stuff. I was randomly going through when I noticed the fanaticism. Our society where women are treated in such a disgusting way, has people trying to propagate such stuff….is really sad.

These men when they find women victims of domestic abuse…justify such abuse. So many women dying are not mere kitchen accidents…..and not just burning women, any kind of abuse against women should be protested against

We dont need such men…When this is our country’s state…

Indian men have a reputation of not treating women equally and with respect…!! This is the time to change for better…..we really need something radical that brings equality and justice….while there are people like those in this forum…who have twisted ideas on equality.

And in-laws are NOT parents..parents dont burn their daughters….lets consider in-laws only as in-laws and keep in mind safety, justice and equality..

These are just few incidents out of innumerable…guess the “MEN” here will shrug these off as careless, mad and stupid women who “accidentally” died coz of their own stupidities..????

I am here because I feel the need to change and I really urge women who feel that the way cast and skin color cannot be the basis of inequality and injustice…..same way carrying different reproductive organs cannot be the basis for unfairness and injustice. I hope lot of women, come out and talk in the open, because unless we come out and address such men, we can’t get a social change.