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Why do we have this mindset. That the guilty must be punished and we have to prove fault in small matrimonial disputes in which both parties may be at fault.. There is not much of a difference between dowry and gift in most cases. Only in rare and extreme cases asking for gift/dowry leads to burning of their wives. Men and their families should not be taken to the police station and beaten up for ordinary dowry/gift complaints. It is better to have no fault system of divorce than having 498a and putting men and beating them up in jail.I I was shocked to see the cases of manoj and Kalaiselvan in the videos in Chennai when they are being beaten up by the police and they are not allowed to see their own biological children. People who ask dowry or gifts are not terrorists or murderers. The real problem is marriage takes place in most cases when people do not know each other or when they dont like each other. Then it is difficult to divorce unless extreme cruelty is proved. 498a and putting men and their family in jail is not the solution to the problem. Womens education and their getting jobs and good working environment may be the solution to this problem.