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There is a great deal of hypocrisy. We are assuming that there can be a problem in marriage only because of dowry. In my opinion dowry is a gift in most cases. But a marriage can fail for a millions of reasons. We can`t have millions of acts for all these millions of reasons. That is why it is a wasteful exercise to prove fault in small matrimonial disputes. May be that is why western countries adopted a no fault system of divorce. Murder is a crime. But if everybody keeps murdering everybody every day, there cannot be enough jails to punish all the murderers. Bribery is punishable. But if everybody takes bribes frequently, the law cannot punish everyone. If there are millions of cases where dowry/gifts are exchanged,everyone cannot be put in jail. But in 498a a few innocent people are put in jail for dowry.

What prevents a woman from refusing to give dowry. Why should there be a law for this. So 498a must be abolished, in my opinion.

It is an assumption that people who dont divorce or people who dont file a complaint u/s 498a are happy couples.

I am not saying women must be tortured. I am saying a no fault system of divorce is better than 498a.