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Dear Dr Dsouza and other members

Dowry is definitely gift. But it should not be demand. Now a day’s every parents love their children equally and try their level best to make them Independent and well settled. Parents don’t dispose their daughters, they get them married to see them happily married. They do every possible things to see them happy.

If anyone harasses wife or daughter -in -law for dowry they should be definitely punished. At the same time I strongly oppose misuse of 498a.

Dr Dsouza I have read your story. May be because of what you have gone thorough you must be hating all the women who files 498a. But at the same time think of every women who has been harassed, abused and tortured because of dowry. As one more member said what if your own sister or daughter is victim of dowry harassment.

I have met/ seen many women who have rejected proposals because the guys side demanded dowry. Check the below link of latest one.

One of my best friend was in relationship with a guy for 5 years. When they wanted to get married guys parents demanded the 20 lac and guy too supported it. Finally after lot of discussion they broke the marriage. I see every day lot of my collogues get married without dowry and they are very happy in their marriage. Now a day’s even girls prefer to work, and they financially support their husbands.

Dr Dsouza you uses very abusive words. Pls don’t jump in to the conclusion. Think before you write. Every 498a is not false.