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still my question unanswered why no girl file case when dowry is demanded at marriage time.

for some people, asking to punish dowry law misuser is abusive word. i or on this site, no where asked to scrap 498A, we all asked to amend it, and punish the misuser. if anyone says against it then they support misuse.

I write or on this forum, not because what i have gone through or hate all 498A women, but because i get calls everyday about this misuse for last 12 years,asking help and how women harass them in 498a/child custody/ divorce/DV/maintenance. etc.

Indian Law and public think only women can be victim of marriage and all men are villains and make laws accordingly there are more men committe suicide than women india because of marital/family problems and not a single law to hear their cry.

smi, you only said ” I strongly oppose misuse of 498a.” oppose will not work, whY dont you have guts to say PUNISH MISUSER.