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I never had a sister or a daughter. But I had a mother who was tortured by my grand mother for a diamond necklace and because she did not bring enough money. My mother had lost both her parents at a young age.My mother never got along with her mother in law. My mother died 22 years back. My grand mother died 1 year back. My grand mother used to write letters to every body that my mother will leave my father after my father became blind. But after my mother died my grand mother never came to meet my father. my grand mother said that my mother split father and mother. But still the diamond necklace dowry was a minor issue compared to my fathers blindness and the general wickedness of my grand mother. But towards the end things were not so bad.

What sort of punishment do you want to give to your husband. Do you want your husband to be beaten by 20 women and men police. Do you want to destroy his career. Do you want to him to lose all his property and become a beggar. Police station in india is a very scary place.

Why do you want to give dowry in the first place. Why do you put up with torture for a long time. do women like being tortured. Is divorce not better than 498a. After all he has been your husband. He deserves a special traetment compared to other men. so why not forget and let live.