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Who ever invented this section 498a and the word dowry. This is the most silliest Act. And some persons want this Act to be made gender neutral. Misuse of any law cannot be prevented beyond a point. If this law is strictly followed and made gender neutral, the whole world will go to jail.

This law will die a natural death once some lawyers, policemen, judges, politicians are directly affected by this law.

I am not able to see my son because of this law. My wife and mother in law have been threatening to go to the police for the last 7 years. But am I not being tortured when my son is not sent to me even for a vacation. My mother in law says that women have become powerful after this law and her husbands death. My brother in law told me that my father in law used to torture my mother in law, pull her by the hair and went to cut her or something. Seeing all these things he says that he is trying to treat his wife nicely.My father in law was a poor man. But his sons are reasonably well to do. My mother in law is so happy that her husband is dead. It would have been better if my mother in law and father in law had divorced.

Why should i be punished because the previous generation did something wrong.