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Smitha; I know you are a social worker. and may be met some sobing women whos husband left them. but we have thousands of judgments where husbands are forced to pay even illegitimate children.women who are in extra marital affairs, who run away with lovers but occupy and bring restrain order from court to stop husband entering from his own house. such list is unlimited.

and you have to be in our shoes to know how Indian Legal system treat us, whatever proofs man shows are not valid when women just cry in front of judge. coz they are very good in acting.

our members sisters, young children, brest fed children along with their mother are jailed under 498a with one word of women.

you know all this if you have a brother and his wife file 498A on you.

We have women in our group who fight for their brothers, if we were biased towards all women we would have treated them as Prostitute; but we count them as our Sisters.