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smi; how about this news ?

CoimbatoreFeb:23, Laxman a Doctor from Coimbatore working in London got married to a divorced lady(for her 2nd marriage) Saujanya(35) from kamam, A.P. She filed dowry complaint(498a) 323,341 and 506(1) IPC at kamam, police abut husband Laxman managed to get Anticipatory Bail

Saujanya also gave another complaint against the husband’s brother and his wife both of them are doctors from coimbatore.

Based on the complaint A.P. Police came to Coimbatore and arrested Dr.Laxman Brothers pregnant wife and not allowed her to call her husband or to use her cell phone. Without informing any of her relatives or husband She was taken by jeep towards Erode and during travel she was bleeding.

She was refused to buy even a napkin. She was them taken by train from Erode to Andhra, in unreserved compartment.

The lady doctor got severe stomach pain got fainted in train. because of brutality of Andhra Police even she shouting in pain Andhra Police did not show any mercy on her, and she got aborted. only then A.P.police communicated to her husband and he communicated the higher police officials of T.N. and then Andhra.

The lady was dropped at Jwalarpet Railway station she was handed over to her relatives.

This shows brutality of Police and misuse of law. Andhra Police along with Saujanya should be charged with muder of unborn child, activists demanded.