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any unlawful act is punishable. abducting a child below 5 year even by a father is unlawful act.

not all woman are furtunate to breastfeed.the laws says the child less than 5 years should be in the custody of mother irrespective whether she breastfeeds or not. unless it is proved it is not in the interest of the child.

if the child is with father why should she ask for child maintenance and support. will the child who has been with mother 24 * 7 since his birth will go to his father after he/she is above 5 years permanently ?. is it right to send the child permanently to father without willingness of the child who likes to be with mother always but wants spend only weekends with father that too in his mother presence.

if the job of the father demands extensive travelling will he be able to be with child 24*7. how many father will leave their lucrative jobs for a child when he has parents/relative to support. and now the childs future? will his relative be with him if he leaves the job?

“he’s crying day in and day out away from the child.” what about my tears .life without a companion is easy to lead… am i happy to see the child without the father and father in tears. revenge will not do any good to anyone.

if he/she had commitments outside marriage why should he marry and bring so much pain and misery to everyone. can marriage sustain without trust and faith.??