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“beg, borrow or steal” i take back thse words. that was sarcasm, not meant to be actual. but unfortunately u dont understand these. i meant father will provide much more than what court awards as child maintenance.

ur answer NO. so u pick ur own interest over’s child interest even though knowing that ur husband can earn more than u and provide him a much comfortable life.

“even in animals”. thats y they are animals. there are umpteen instances where a man successfully raises a child.

“child himself says” when will the child say after 5 years after being all the while will mother??? who are you kidding.

“allow father to meet the child whenever he want” appreciate this. have u proposed this to him?

most women cunningly say this i have never stopped u. come to my parents house and meet child whenever u want. even if her parents are living far away and the husband and his parents are insulted there.