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Dr Dsouza,

Hahahahaaha, I feel really laughing at this victimised Rekha_s as if suppose you find her correct on her blog which is an internet forum and she writes that i have psychological problem as i am imaging on her issue, if we find her correct then also a person who has psychological problems and a person knows this then she should not say him that u r having psychological problems as if she say so then how much big problem she is having in her mind that u can understand from her own words.As she herself imaging and saying to me i am imaging, As on one side she is blogging on this forum against husband and simutenously she says she is not victimised by her husband so she herself dont understand that she is victimised or not. for my case i love my wife but ya i am victimised by her so i am blogging over here. It also correct that she has been manipulated by her own relatives so i have faced divorce, but in her case she strongly beleives that she is not victimised by her husband then why she is on this blog, this only words says her mentality that she is having a big psychological problems and saying me that i have that. I request her that please dont give your opinon on my blog as i am not interested to listen anything from her for my issue or my blog and if she is so annoyed with males then what she is doing in this males blog who are vicitimased by their wives. For womens they have police and government cells where she can loddge compalin and work with them for their betterment, why she comes here to guide us what is good or what is bad. we know if she is good then she must be working with her own issues and not to indulged in anyother persons issues. I think she is really hurted by her husband and may be her husband was correct in his decision to make her happy but this madam might have taken other way round so he gave her divorce now she understands for her child,then why at the time her husband was taking care of her she didnt thought of this situation and for her child now coming here on this blog and giving lectures on how to upbring child after divorce, if she is show much learned then please tell her to manage and write books on this issue and sell it by herself, we may buy it if we like, but we dont want to listen such problems of her. We dont want to hurt her but also we dont her to hurt us for no reason, in this blog only males who are victimised from their wives are allowed to do blogging against such bad laws, so we all should not appreciate such types of ladies who come from somewhere can starts to blog for no reason. For them Girja Vyas is a big lady who works for her issues please let her go there to address her issues over there. If she will not understand then please anyone please pass on her total information to me then let me contact her husband and her child that what she is saying over here.We will make her understand what is right and what is wrong. She is corrsing the limits in blogging here. Evenif we dont want to chat with her or blog on her issues, she comples us to create problems while blogging on our issues. Please pass on her husband’s phone numbers and email address so i can send such blogging to him so he can take further action against her.