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one question: why do you prefer to have your solutation as Dr when you are not doctor. are u a honest person Mr. D’souza. were u really good to your wife. why did she leave you?. were you giving child support timely to your child if you really cared for him. never faced contempt of court charges?

how would you look after the child who was 2 years without any job. even if he was given to you your mother/or your relatives would have taken care of him in your absence. and if you got easy divorce and remarried, step mother will take care.

if you assume that his grand parents are not taking care of him. can you guarantee that step mother will take care with same affection as biological mother. what if your second wife also leaves you if you think “kuthe ke poonch thedi ke thedi he rehti hai… attitude towards any women.

breastfeeding is not the only criteria to judge love of a mother towards her child.