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we dont want to know what feminists is.

who is misusing laws and harass her husband family. still posing like SAINTS.

we have seen many. they want husband till they get pregnent coz they cannt do alone.

so they can claim money in the name of child too. when they violate childs right by not breastfeeding. to protect their interest they say, only 6 month breastfeed is enough. i know many children in my own family, were breast feeding till they were 6 years old.

they deny and oppose even visitation to father,but they want child support.

same from husband also, they do not want husband, but they fight for his money. what a shameless creatures.

and todays feminists do not want to breastfeed even 6 days. no wonder todays generation treat such parents same way when they were old,sending them to old age home.