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Sanjay Mehra

I came to india during April 2010 to aug 2010 and met my son with a lot of difficulties. It was not a very pleasant experience. My wife and inlaws have been threatening to go to the police station for the last 7 years especially if I try to meet my son. Now she is asking my blind father to leave the house.I am a disturbed and i write in this forum. But I know had it not been for my son they would have tried to harm me to the maximum.

You and Suresha seem to think it is a problem only if we land in jail. Otherwise it is minor for you. I heard a lawyer saying in one of the videos that even if you go to jail it is not serious unless you are convicted. For the lawyer even going to jail is minor. for some unless you are hanged, it is minor.

My son is a major. My wife is also a major. But she is influenced by her brothers and mother in law. Otherwise she will not first agree to come to canada and then the visa expire, In my opinion a son is who is just 18 and does not even have a passport is not independent.

Then why do people write in this forum. Any way the cases seem to going on for 10 – 20 years. Nobody in the forum can prevent that.

I am writing in the hope that somebody who misses his son will understand my unhappiness in not seeing my son and share his experience.