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It is difficult to figure out what your problem is. First you said that you have no contact with your son, because your wife is threatening to launch cases against you, if you keep in touch with your son. Then you say that you came to India for 4 months and met your son, who is anyway an adult. He calls you every week and you have been in regular touch with him. So where does this story about this evil wife figure into this father-son bonding story. Along with that there is a side story about a blind father and his house and how your evil wife wants the house.

Please figure out your stories and then put them in proper perspective. It may help you to see your life as a glass which is half full rather than half empty. And if this matter of fact attitude is sadistic and cruel to you, then so be it. I think you need a solid dose of reality which no one seems to have given to you.

warm regards

sanjay mehra