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I have few doubts about the legal rules.

I got married(Hindu Marriage) in March 2009.This is my second marriage. When I got married, she promised me to come and live with me within 10-15 days. But she did not come and live with me for 6 months. In between, she started black mailing for money. I have rejected to give money.She is under the influence of her mother.Wihin the initial six months, she, her mother and their relatives started bullying and humiliating me. I bared them.She always abuses my parents. She told that, she was having an affair with one boy defore marriage and forcefully, her parents did the marriage with me and she also accepted that she hates men. I have these evidences in recorded MP3 files. After six months she came and live with me to UK and we were happy(I am happy but she is not happy but she is acting like she is happy).We were blessed with twin girls on Dec 22nd 2010. I have sent her to their parents home for delivery after 5 months of her pregnancy.Suddenly, when she goes to her parents home, again she started bullying, humiliating me and demanding for money.On Jan 11th 2011, we have decided to do the naming ceremony for my kids. She came to the function with the kids and her parents and shouted for no reason and throwed “Thali”(Mangal Soothr) infront of every body and left the place. Again, after two days, I went to her parents and she did not talk to me at all and I told her the names for the kids are registered. I left the country after that. From then, there are no calls from her and I did not call her. Could you please suggest, the best options to keep my family safe from her and with stand my family(Me, my wife and my kids).