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I agree with you. I already told her many times in the past. If you have any thing talk to me first and then only u go and inform that to your parents if I did not solve that. But she never follows that. That creates problems for me. After she throwed mangal soothr it self, I went to her parents home (she feel that it is her home). She did not even talked to me. Do you think she loves me? I dont belive so. She did not even wish on my birth day when she was living with me, how do I trust her? She told every body I will kill my husband when I go and stay with him. So, still do I need to bring her back? I belive, when ever she throwed Mangal Soothr everything is over. If I bring her back, she may kill me for the sake of my property or anything she can do for her self to picturise that I did that. Then wat would be scenario in this case?