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“you will have to give maintenance to your wife and kids.”

rekha ji dont misguide people. cutekoti is ur wife educated, was she working. these all factors will come into picture. please fight tooth and nail for this. these days judges know the ground realities.

about children yes you would need to give maintenance which i think you should and hopefully ur wife is not so cruel to spend the money on herself and parents. regarding maximum/minimum there is not set rule.

man, aaj ki hypocratic naari. on one hand she’ll say aaj ki naari yeh hai, aaj ki naari woh hai and all BS and on other hand she’ll come begging (yes even educated employed women without children) to court ki mujhe apne maintenance ke liye paisa chaahiye. well if u cant earn (mind u talking only of well educated women) there are so many traffic signals in india try ur luck there.