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Rekha Ji

This advice is useful and appeal only, when the girl and her family have a sound mind. But if they do have a sound mind, this act of humiliating and causing their In laws, is not expected.

Don’t know if you know my story. When I received summons for 125 CrPC, I personally drove 300 kms to Chandigarh reached there around 1245AM and requested my wife to come back as she is not in right hands. I was made to spend the night and next day her Lawyer and other relatives tried to humiliate me. I was not having a single person who could defend me. But the father of mediator for marriage told the girl in the presence of all, after listening to her problems, that she herself is not right and responsible for all her problems.

Even though she was reluctant to come back and when she came back after 6 months of case and compromise in the court room. cried to see, my son lost all his childhood. I, he was not able to express himself. In the case she gave a declaration that she will do all house hold chores, and won’t hit me physically which she forgot within 15 days of joining. Kept on pressurising me not to keep ties with my parents. Again started bickering about other women and I having relations with them. Didn’t leave the maid even who was more than 60 years old.

Now with in next 5 months, she lodged for 498 A.

So, I tell you, if the family has taken a single step towards th court room, the damage is irrepairable to the entire family and the final result is 498 A only.