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regarding my case, do you think his actions are appropriate?? yes or no.

what if your sister or daughter was in my place. what would you advice?

there are so many members each one having different problems all because of marriage. the advice what i give is based on my experience and what i feel right. people here are adults and think what is best for them. without knowing facts from both sides. it is not right to give advice.

normal wear and tear is always there in marriage. not only marriage in any relationship. building a healthy relationship after so many cracks is even more difficult. it is better problems are resolved before it is too late before there come point of no return. irrepairable damage is done.

if you cannot live in harmony. see for best possible solution wherein everyone is peaceful and childrens are not suffering because of your conducts.(man and woman). do not loose your precious years of life just being unhappy and fighting with each other.

time will not wait for anyone.