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if u will be stronger enough to safegaurd your interest at anycost then no wife can fuck us up as i was ready to go to jail also and so as my job has already gone and i am having pyscartic problem way back and when my engagement happened i told everythings to my wife and her parents that i am having so and so problems and i am earning like this at that time i was having my busness of cyber cafe and i was earning like 5000 as profit from15000 turnover a month but then they pressuried me to do job which i was uncomfortable with then also i did as per my inlaws parents and my wife and then i stoppped my cafe and then i worked hard to get good money in marketing but till i get good job and i can enojoy with my wife and my baby girl she apparted from me on grounds that i was bitting her yet my all neibours and even herself when she came to my uncle house to settle the issue she never blamed me of bitting at that time she was saying i am becoming angry but never hurted her physcilly in court she told that i was bitting bruitally and giving bad words to her daily which is 10001% wrong and i was and i amnot like that but as she wish to get 10lac has ellemoney so she did such things and ultimatley i make up my mind that she has publicised me wrong so i will not pay single penny to her and till date i have not paid but yes i have to pay to my daughter so i paid her 1 lac.50 thousand in her name till she attains majority of 18 years as fixed deposit and 1 lac to my wife who were asking for 10 lacs as a whole but i make up my mind to not give any penny and i was ready to go in jail also for that and so i have also told to judge that as i am not having job and in reailyt i was not having job till date i am working for free for some company as business development manager as in education marketing it is hard to earn money inspite i have good experience to get business development then also i am under this situaion then also i have not lost the hope i am working good to get my company good business so one day i will be again on the same post and will earn 20000 as my base salary which i have lost due to such pressure and court problems, i am really broken but i have not lost my hopes and faith in god and thats why i am happy and i am working but my all expenses my bro is handling till date, and so i tell u that dont loose heart only one thing u do is work hard but show to court what u wish to show with proof that u get this much as your wife is doing bad so u r doing correct to undervalue your salary and your job if u have to leave this job then also leave that job as if u will not do that then a big ellemoney on the basis of your this job will be waiting for you to pay and also big maintenance amount is also there to be paid by you becaseuof this job as our law says either wife goes away or husbands gives divroce in both case husband has to pay good amount of maintenace till court settles for elle money has to be paid by husband and so u will come in clutch to pay big amount plus u did bad with yourself while keeping wife as partner in flat so half is you have already given and half she will ask for ellemoney and maintenance so no single part of flat is going to come in your hand now so better stop emi to pay and let bank take its action to recover your balance moeny if more will come then bank will pay u or u sell and take more part with you and balance unpaid u pay to bank and if wife say no to seeling your flat then legally thru bank and thru court ask her to pay emi and let her take the flat so u can prove that i have paid ellee money to wife in kind that is u have paid till date this much emi is elle money or maintenance to wife and let her have this flat. so u will be releived from court problems this is the solution which i feel is ok foryou.