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I forgot to mention that i am facing this torture right from the beginning. I have been adjusting, and adjusting with a lot of patience. I have lost all self respect. After 15 years of married life, she now complains that i have not taken her on honeymoon to a place which she had in mind, even though i have taken her to a lot of tourist places, including a foreign country. For the past 15 months, her torture has gone beyond all limits. She threatens that she will commit suicide. After a lot of pursuation by her parents, i took her to a Psychiatrist, and the treatment she undergoes for more than 6 months, has not brought about any improvement. I secured a job for her to keep herself engaged when I go for work. she is perfectly alright in her work place, but once she is back home, she simply goes to bed neglecting even the minimum required of a housewife. I have engaged a maid servant and also a cook (for just 3 of us). She is still not happy. In fact, Doctors also say that a few months’ separation will be goof for both. That is why, i want to know whether this separation (not judicial separation) will amount to domestic violence. I do not know the trick of “acting”. whereas she is an expert in this. I seek advice on the provisions/application of the Domestic Violence Act.