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I second Dr. Dsouza.

Dear, your better half is in worse condition. Any negative act may bring in more negativity and you may land yourself in the category of we all.

I had tried all things like allowing her to work, study and get the work down through maids. Gone to an extent to do all the household chores, as she didnot allow to keep a maid as she used to suspect me also to have affairs with other women, the list included her own elder sister and my close blood relatives and friends.

Better get separated from your parents first and get a new Ration Card (Residential proof) for a new place. This will save your parents from the 498 A issue. Try some other psyciatrist. If you really want to live with her, the only remedy is to ‘obey her’. My two close uncles do have a wife like these and this is what they have done, all through their lives and saved their marriages.

My advice is ‘Do your best to sustain, still keep your self prepared for the worst’.