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those r not my assumptions. instead of saying that these type of women are impossible to please u r saying that fault was with the situation in house (indirectly his fault)

so by same logic if ur husband was ok with others and not ok with u, that means it was ur fault???

i have seen many gullible men falling pray to ur (ill) advices here.

“she will file only when it is possible to prove such cruelty in court.investigation and trial will be carried out.”

what trial what investigation in 498A. which country r u living in? India?

yes ultimately nobody gets convicted but have u faced initial few months. old women (our mothers) have to go in hiding, run from one place to another till AB is secured. for husband’s 7-10 days jails is sureshot. tihar jail is full of undertrial old women in such cases who do not have money to secure bail. have u seen condition in indian jails. leave alone 7 days, u’ll cry in 7 hrs. just pray no man in ur family, ur brother, son gets this piece of BS. saying is easy that u’ll get convicted only if guilty. first 3-4 months are hell while wife is busy fighting and getting maintenance.

hopefully that day will come soon when false 498A will initiate trial on wife and that day is not far. as the old saying goes u can fool some people all the time, u can fool all people some of the time, but u cannot fool all people all the time.