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i prefer peace with dignity of myself and parents. cannot compromise one bit with my self respect. (there is a very clear bold line between self respect and ego and i know that)

1. where do u draw a line. what if then she says dont see face of ur parent everyday, then dont visit every week, then dont take food there. where do u draw a line.

i have no issues with girls who boldly say before marriage that i cannot live with in-laws. in fact i have tremendous respect for their boldness. what about girls who act very coy and readily agree before marriage (clearly knowing that saying no will break the marriage and after marriage we cannot do anything) and after marriage give flimsiest of excuses to stay away from in-laws. what do u say. this behaviour should be totally ignored. u mean totally?

2. what if courtesy visits results in only them saying their grievances, even false ones in a threatening tone and not listening to ours. and why shouldnt the girls side pay such visits. what advice do you have for such girls and her parents.

3. okok. u are working day in and day out, ur mom cooking, washing clothes and caring for u. wife comes for few days. abuses everyone, take things from ur house, does not tell you and give as gifts to parents and siblings. excellent. totally justified.