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Stringent laws are to maintain law and order. Prevent crime.

498a is not only for dowry but also for cruelty towards woman.

What if the man continues to do wrong things knowingly in spite of warning.

What if man promises not to repeat and repeats the same again.

It was the main cause for our conflicts but I did not file cases for his unethical behavior thinking about the family honor, husband’s reputation, girl future and our child life. This was not reason for filing 498a. I tried to resolve thru marriage counselor. But he already filed divorce and child custody. the irreparable damage to my trust was already done and I could no longer hold any respect for him. He too could not face me and deserted me, made me financially insecure and abducted child.. His parents unaware of the real reason also became part of the conspiracy.

He knew I will be lodging 498a but still he continued. I had every reason to file the case

After lodging 498a I got the child and they too stayed away from me.

Why will I not help in quashing the case if the father mends his ways even now.

7 vows of marriage ceremony is a commitment we forget so easily.