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he deserted you or you left his house sitting cruelty.

in your previous post you said he was ” wrong/unethical” thats not cruelty or leads to 498A.

now tell me what you mean by ” wrong/unethical”

let readers decide was that cuelty or support your claim of 498A.

many women leave husband home including my ex left home saying i was coming home drunk and beating her. indian law and court/judges belive in such words and their sob stories. even win 498A case.

498a or warnings will not solve marital problems, indian women have easy option to way out with 498A, but 498A never solve their actual problem. same want to her husband to bend to her demands, and still dreaming he will mend and repent.

STOP dreaming rekha, now we know why u used 498A, by force or with warning you cannt change a man or world. OK.