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in case your husband was cruel, you could have walked out of the marriage with dignity. You could not do so because you were not financially independent i believe. In case you are not you could have asked for monthly maintenance and could have worked for yourself and your child.

I would have walked out of marriage if we did not have a child. I had taken up a job immediately so there was no question of me not being financially independent. child is OUR child. we both are responsible.

there will be reason for every action. even theif will say he did not have money so he stole. is it right? crime is a crime whatever be the reason. knowingly if you commit the crime is more grave.

how many of us will accept our mistakes?

who will decide on settlement. both or alone

Will the anger do any better to the child? child is the common factor of this marriage? will the spouses be happy if the child is not happy and not getting what he deserves? will they happy even after remarrying without changing negitive attitude.

what about the young widows with the childrens. do they all remarry- did they spoil their life or is it the destiny. they will have to move on in life with the responsibility of childrens.