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Do not blame Everything on your husband.

it take 2 persons to run family/marriage smoothly. like a cart.

You cannt clap with one hand. so there should be some fault of you. Why do you think he doesnt want you….?.

Whatever your problem or his, the case you filled solved your problem with him ? than black mailing him.

498A will creat revenge attitude not only your husband but his whole family.

498A is not answer for any of women problems than fast track to divorce.

if you really cared for child then you should have talked with him along with elders and reached amicable solution and mutual divorce.when you found out he finished with you.

in current situation of india, men knows how long it take to get divorce and solve other legal issues

what is the use getting divorce after 10 years and maitenance after fighting long legal battle.

can you bring back those lost years…?

Your age…?

thats why someone rightly said.